Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Rooms at London’s Tate Modern 2021

To celebrate the Tate Modern's 20th anniversary (a little late due to the pandemic), an exhibition dedicated to famed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama will show her Infinity Rooms exhibition for a full year. This is rare chance to see two of Kusama's immersive mirror room installations, paired with photos and footage of her...

How Bind Benefits’ CEO will use $105M to upend the health insurance market

Customization is something that people are pursuing and adopting in every aspect of their life. One startup is betting this will extend to their consumption of health insurance as well. Bind Benefits, a personalized health plan provider that recently entered the fully insured market in Florida, has raised $105 million in a new funding...

Following More Black Women on Instagram Helped My Confidence

Image Source: Getty / Tim Robberts Whether it happens subconsciously or not, the images we see every day affect how we view ourselves. Seeing ourselves in the media is what makes things relatable. It's what makes us love our favourite song, favourite show, and favourite celebrities. But in the age of social media, the...

What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? | Healthy Living Tips

What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? If you thought lack of sleep is the reason for your dark circles, you could be right. But did you know there are many ... source

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NADAL® Covid-19
Preventing further spread of the coronavirus and taking pressure off laboratories – it is possible with the NADAL® Covid-19 Antigen Test from Germany. Whether in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, companies, or at the airport or larger events: The result is available in just 15 minutes. The new...